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Tait Graves, Nonpublic Information and California Tort Law: A Proposal for Harmonizing California's Employee Mobility and Intellectual Property Regimes Under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act , 2006 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 1 (PDF File)

Jacob Birnbaum, The Case for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Adoption of an Open-Source 'Bounty' System for Reviewing Business Method and Software Patents, in Light of the Patent Infringement Battles Featuring the U.S. Financial Exchanges that Have Been Waged in Recent Years , 2006 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 2 (PDF File)

Beth Z. Shaw, Judging Juries: Evaluating Renewed Proposals for Specialized Juries from a Public Choice Perspective , 2006 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 3 (PDF File)

Stephen D. Lichtenstein & Jonathan J. Darrow, Employment Termination for Employee Blogging: Number One Tech Trend for 2005 and Beyond, or a Recipe for Getting Dooced? , 2006 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 4 (PDF File)

Daniel S. Hurwitz, A Proposal in Hindsight: Restoring Copyright’s Delicate Balance by Reworking 17 U.S.C. § 1201 , 2005 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 1 (PDF File)

Daniel B. Garrie & Matthew J. Armstrong, Electronic Discovery and the Challenge Posed by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act , 2005 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 2 (PDF File)

Bratislav Stanković "It's a Designer Baby!": Opinions on Regulation of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis , 2005 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 3 (PDF File)

Sarah J. Givan, Using Trademarks as Location Tools on the Internet: Use in Commerce? , 2005 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 4 (PDF File)

Erin E. Kenneally, Confluence of Digital Evidence and the Law: On the Forensic Soundness of Live-Remote Digital Evidence Collection , 2005 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 5 (PDF File)

Robin C. Feldman, The Inventor's Contribution' , 2005 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 6 (PDF File)

Edwin E. Wallis III, The Madrid Protocol: Will This International System Succeed in the United States? , 2004 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 1 (PDF File)

Aaron M. Clemens, No Computer Exception to the Constitution: The Fifth Amendment Protects Against Compelled Production of an Encrypted Document or Private Key , 2004 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 2 (PDF File)

Myron Hecht, Reconciling Software Technology and Anti-circumvention Provisions in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act , 2004 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 3 (PDF File)

Peter Margulies, The Clear and Present Internet: Terrorism, Cyberspace, and The First Amendment , 2004 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 4 (PDF File)

Jerry Brito, Relax, Don't Do It: Why RFID Privacy Concerns are Exaggerated and Legislation is Premature , 2004 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 5 (PDF File)

Peter S. Jenkins, Leafleting and Picketing on the "Cydewalk" - Four Models of the Role of the Internet in Labour Disputes , 2003 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 1 (PDF File)

Leslie G. Restaino, Steven E. Halpern, and Dr. Eric L. Tang, Patenting DNA-Related Inventions in the European Union, United States and Japan: A Trilateral Approach or a Study in Contrast? , 2003 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 2 (PDF File)

Erlend Bakken, Unauthorized Use of Another's Trademark on the Internet , 2003 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 3 (PDF File)

Brian Walters, "Best Notice Practicable" in the Twenty-First Century , 2003 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 4 (PDF File)

Shelley Cobos, A Two-Tiered Registry System to Regulate Spam , 2003 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 5 (PDF File)

Nancy J. King, Website Access for Customers with Disabilities: Can We Get There from Here? , 2003 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 6 (PDF File)

Robert Plotkin, Esq., Computer Programming and the Automation of Invention: A Case for Software Patent Reform , 2003 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 7 (PDF File)

Ryan Roemer, Locking Down Loose Bits: Trusted Computing, Digital Rights Management, and the Fight for Copyright Control on Your Computer , 2003 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 8 (PDF File)

LeRoy L. Kondo, Untangling The Tangled Web: Federal Court Reform Through Specialization For Internet Law And Other High Technology Cases , 2002 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 1 (PDF File)

Christopher Benjamin, Shot Spotter and FaceIt: The Tools of Mass Monitoring. , 2002 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 2 (PDF File)

Marc D. Goodman and Susan W. Brenner, The Emerging Consensus on Criminal Conduct in Cyberspace , 2002 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 3 (PDF File)

Lev Ginsburg, Anti-Circumvention Rules and Fair Use , 2002 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 4 (PDF File)

Ryan Roemer, The Digital Evolution: Freenet and the Future of Copyright on the Internet , 2002 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 5 (PDF File)

Zane B. Melmed, The Role of the Studio Lawyer in the New Media Age , 2001 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 1 (PDF File)

Lev Ginsburg, It's Better Than Driving to the Video Store , 2001 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 2

Lev Ginsburg, A Writing On Copyright: Jessica Litman's Digital Copyright (2001) A critical book review , 2001 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 3

Zachary James Brown and Bernadine Tsung, If "Information Wants to be Free," How Are We Supposed to Make Money? , 2001 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 4

Benjamin F. Sidbury, You've Got Mail... and Your Boss Knows It: Rethinking the Scope of the Employer E-mail Monitoring Exceptions to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act , 2001 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 5

Marc J. Randazza, Breaking Duverger’s Law is not Illegal: Strategic Voting, the Internet and the 2000 Presidential Election , 2001 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 6

Rhonda J. Yen, Censorship of Student Expression on the Internet and the First Amendment , 2000 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 1
Sue Ann Mota, United States v. Microsoft – The Antitrust Saga Continues, 1999 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 1
Mindi Gile, Preparing for the Millennium Bug’s Bite: Legislators, Lawyers and Potential Litigants Race to Define Duty and Limit Liability, 1999 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 2
Douglas Y’Barbo, On the Legal Standard for Copyright Infringement, 1999 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 3
Paul Previde & Tam Hunt, Exploring the Nature and Issues of the Electronic Marketplace: The Global Electronic Commerce Conference at the University of California, Berkeley, 1999 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 4

Haeji Hong, Hacking Through the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 1998 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 1
Robert Wasserman, International Tax Consequences of Electronic Commerce, 1998 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 2
Jose Guerrero, Equal Access to the Internet and Primary Education, 1998 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 3
Laura D. Ravine, Footprints in Cyberspace: Using Transactional Data to Target Advertising, 1998 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 4

George Vradenburg III, In the Name of Children: Congressional Efforts to Ban Sex and Violence From the Media, 1997 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 1
Jerry Kang, A Privacy Primer for Policy Makers, 1997 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 2
Jeff Magenau, Digital Audio Radio Services: Boon or Bust to the Public Interest?, 1997 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 3
Steven D. Hemminger, Internet Usage and the Potential Effect in Your Management of Your Patent Program, 1997 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 4
Michael A. Shimokaji, Inducement and Contributory Infringement Theories to Regulate Pre-Patent Issuance Activity, 1997 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 5
Teresa R. Strecker, Mammalian Cloning: An Exciting Technical Advance With Practical and Ethical Considerations, 1997 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 6
William Brutocao, Are Trademark Infringement Claims Covered by “Advertising Injury” Insurance?, 1997 UCLA J.L. & Tech. 7


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